I’ve crafted a brand-new program, gotten more clarity on who my market is and have taken steps to up my game.If you commit 110% (as Jo-Ná and AE do to each of there clients), you will be amazed at how far you’ll come in a very short period of time. After only ONE month I’ve already made my  investment back (and then some)! Also, I am feeling confident and excited to work with clients on my brand-new intuitive love coaching program. I always feel like Jo-Ná and AE has my best interests in mind and they meet me exactly where I am but also pushes me to where I intend to go.

-Diana Dorell

I've become much more business minded. I'm now evaluating each gig and opportunity by calculating my expenses and determining if I will get out of it what I put into it. I am also less inclined to try to please everyone. I understand that if my branding is very focused, there will be a lot of people that love me and hate me at the same time, and that's ok! :)

Cindy Hospedales

There are a lot of moving parts to this kind of career that I didn't realize. Doing the course let me see how a music career could look, looking at all opportunities and possible income streams (which I've struggled with for most of my career) and the bigger picture of being a musician in control of my career. Make sure you're ready to put the time and work in, there's no point in doing courses if you're not serious. It was the piece of the puzzle I felt I needed the most. I knew what I wanted to do and how to do it (writing songs and start recording) I just hadn't started that part of the process yet.

Tamara Hansson

I hesitated because of the cost and if this would be an effective addition to my career, but I suggest you do your research and see how the union of both energies would fit into your overall game plan. All the courses had lots of info to act on and I loved interacting with all the people


I had talent, but had no idea what to do with it. The idea of becoming an artist and entrepreneur overwhelmed me. Jo-Ná and AE totally empowered me. They made me see that I could be the artist that I wanted to be. They helped me realize my fears could be conquered everything I want is possible. As a result, I’ve consistently landed more performance gigs and I’ve also been steadily gaining more followers on all of my social media. I’m laser focused. You’ll see this year, because everyday I’m applying what AEG worked on with me.

-Veronica King

I highly suggest and recommend for EVERY artist to consider purchasing these BEAUTIFUL courses. They give us guidance, structure, clarity and entrepreneurial education that we NEED to know to help guide us in creating our own substantial careers, branding, legacy and empires!

Tiffany Mckether

I had apprehension about having the time to do this since I am in school, working, planning a wedding, planning a move, shooting videos, recording and writing music. I needed a strategy to be able to operate at optimum levels while doing all these many different things to define my brand and streamline my message. I like AEG's depth of knowledge and passion. I felt their heart was in this, they are not just people who takes our money and put us in a program that is really a string to get us to sign on for more. They really went deep with the topics we had. Although I am still making my way through the material having the power of this knowledge will change me and make me more impactful.

Vanessa Taylor

Working with AEG got me looking at "me" as a brand in a whole new light, helping me elevate my value and getting me clearer on my vision for the future. At times, it wasn't the easiest of experiences as I was resistant to ​some exercises which later proved to be some of the most valuable and beneficial experiences of our time together. So if you're looking for someone to make you walk through the doorway to success that you have opened for yourself. AEG's the one to help you.

Simon Fishburn

I would say that I'm not viewing my career as something more calculated and less haphazard. I've always focused on the creative side of music, but not really the business side. The goal setting in my course was really helpful for me. Being able to break the big things down into smaller steps has been helpful for my productivity. I would say to do it, because it will get you excited about your own potential and get you connected with other great artists.

- Rebecca Richardson

When I contacted Jo-Ná & AE I had no idea how to move forward with my career. I was not making any money...playing a lot of dead-end shows, and having very little success. I felt like I was doing it all for nothing and getting nowhere and not reaching anyone. I think what I was really looking for was direction. Since working with Jo-Ná and AE I am making an extra $780 a month through 2 new revenue streams that are built on my passions and are COMPLETELY FUN! I have a freakin' awesome new website, a new brand and a newsletter that I send out every week. My other favorite thing is my audience, I feel so close to them. They are like my little sisters. If you work with AE be ready to work! And then after you're done, be ready to work even more because you'll be super busy.I am super-duper grateful for the big fat kick in the pants that Jo-Ná gave me!

Nila Jackson

There was much that I was learning about being an independent artist, mostly by the seat of my pants, but it was one little piece here and a disconnected piece over there. None of it made sense, I felt like a rat in a maze. I admit Jo-Ná and AEG pushed some buttons and I wasn’t thrilled about that, but it was sooooo necessary. And I’m grateful. I came to accept more fully that my vision as an artist is my business and my business is my vision: I am completely responsible for its success…. or failure.As a result of working with Jo-Ná and AEG, Grace Drums, my performance group, had our first Indiegogo campaign and raised $6,100. I produced Grace Drums second annual concert at a 320 seat theater this year up from 117 seats last year. We doubled our attendance! Plus for the first time, we had merchandise! If you really serious about your career as an artist entrepreneur, I’d say work with AE!  It’s a big step and well worth it. If nothing is risked, nothing is gained.

Gabriella Dennery

I was stagnating in a way in my career feeling like I was not moving on the right path and needed some help from outside. I actually got more clarity about myself and my music career.

Bonny Ferrer

When I first signed on, I felt I’d hit the glass ceiling in my visioning. I was pretty stumped about how to turn my informal work into a career path that honored my artistry. Since our work together, I have launched my rebranded site and my marketing looks and feels right and I've learned the value of consistency in aesthetic, voice and engagement. My newsletters, have received more  heartfelt responses than ever before (one article took a spin around the Internet with about 2,000 interactions - a way new record for me- in the past I maxed out at 60)! I understand how I can use my ideas to create "hooks" that build my audience by welcoming them in through gifts and creative offerings.

-Caits Meissner

When I first signed on, I doubted whether or not I was even in the right industry. I was jaded and struggling for inspiration. As an independent musician I get bombarded DAILY by people promising to “take me to the next level” in exchange for my cash. I’ve thrown thousands of dollars in promotion and marketing that fell flat. I was honestly afraid that Jo-Na and AE wouldn’t follow through on her promises.Now because of our work together, I have a new website, new brand and I have an ongoing relationship with my fan base now. I have maintained a blog for over a year that I'm extremely proud of.  I went from sending one newsletter every two months to once a week. I was TERRIFIED of doing that – but my fans love it! Whereas I used to receive one or two responses, I now get an average of 15-20 per email and my blogs are "liked" between 150-200 times. People are engaged at shows and they’re excited to hear from me. It’s exciting! Now my writing overflows and I am genuinely excited to get up and do what I do every day.  We laid the groundwork toward what will be an incredible career, more importantly, an incredible life! They are worth every penny.

Aly Tadros

This is the first time I’ve ever felt empowered and prepared when common questions come up such as: Who are you targeting? What’s your demographic? What kind of music do you do? I used to stutter and stumble out unprepared answers to those questions. Now, I can answer them confidently. I’ve finally gone through the big intimidating wall I had been trying to run around. I’m so happy. Jo-Na & AE went way above and beyond! More than exceeded my expectations.

Honey LaRochelle

When I met Jo-Ná, I was struggling with difficulties in prioritizing my work. Jo-Ná and AE has been an incredible inspiration from the get-go and I love working with her. Since I’ve starting work with Jo-Ná and AE I’ve clarified my priorities and been given a great system to use for organizing and scheduling my goals for the year. I didn’t even realize I needed it.  It is a total ‘no-brainer’ to want to work with her. It’s exactly what you need to make sure you truly get things done.I don’t want to imagine my music career and if I’m honest, my life without Jo-Ná and AE.  It’s that simple.

Rowen Bridler

As an artist, I had the creative side covered--but I wanted to be ready to kick ass and make money! There were definitely growing pains, but AEG is there alongside with you the entire way. I gained clarity and a sense of self responsibility for my art, and thus my business. I got organized. I am now a strong and confident self-sufficient artist; a force to be reckoned with. If you're serious about your career--do it. No excuses. I am now not only an artist--I am a powerful businesswoman because of AEG.

-Suzy Skarulis

Jo-Ná and AE made me see that I have talent in modeling. I really appreciate her taking the time to hear me out and push me out of my comfort zone to continue submitting my pictures to other magazines. As a result, Curve magazine featured me in one of their articles. I also regained my confidence in continuing to pursue this endeavor. Jo-Ná and AE was amazing! They went above and beyond. I was blown away!

Kryzia Salgado

My session allowed me to focus on clear points to much needed objectives. We covered a lot of bases and I left with a clear map of what I needed to focus on to succeed.  I can already see the ROI [return on investment].

Viana Ferguson

Well I have to admit I am a little afraid to come out of hiding. However, it’s time and part of me is very ready. I learned a lot about my long-term goals not something that I would not have learned on my own.

Sofia Wren

I have called myself an artist, and have worked towards building for almost 10 years now. After hitting many walls along they way, I found myself asking the "how to" questions again. The business language and construct has always felt like a "thing" out of my comfort and understand.Now, I feel more confident in taking on the business part. It has been the most intimidating piece of the puzzle for me. I feel more empowered.

-Ashley Phillips

It’s official, I’ve taken the leap! I’ve been trying to bring this vision to life for over 2 years now. Thanks to the fabulous help of AE in under 2 months, it has finally come to life.  Relieve Your Life is on the map! Thank you!

Cydny Pina

In a short time my fan base has increased, my business is more structured and I am progressing faster than ever before. Jo-Ná and AE has been a blessing in more ways than she knows. Jo-Ná and AE makes everyone feel like they glow.

Dre Price

As a freelance web designer, I struggled with knowing my self-worth for a very long time. I feared the idea of having to place a monetary value on doing something that I loved. Jo-Ná and AE pushed me to see and value the importance of self-worth. After working with Jo-Ná and AE, I increased my revenue by 30%!

Shannon Mims

Prior to working with Jo-Ná we were wrapping up our former business and searching for what we wanted to do next but unclear and unfocused in how to "get there." Working with her and AEG, We became clear about our audience,  who we wanted to serve,  what value we brought to the table and the building blocks and road map to our next phase. Jo-Ná is kind, generous, and loving and passionately committed to having you achieve your goals. She is not afraid to tell what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. Jo-Ná and AEG work and guidance provided us with the clearing to embark on a new business with more clarity in our approach than ever before!

-Jahan Mantin

I walked away with a very clear understanding of what things I needed to do to take my business to the next level. I can definitely say I got exactly what I needed.

Ray Alston

I finally feel in control of my career and my destiny...which is awesome.

Reina Williams

I would recommend working with Jo-Ná and AE to any artist who is serious about taking their career to the next level or understanding what steps to take on that level.

Kiki Breevlife

“This will open your eyes and help you become more clear about what you need to do to be successful.”

Xavier Washington

“It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on my career, ever!

Angie Henle

I’ve seen double the results using their methods than I would have on my own.


My mindset was confused because I am at the beginning of my career. Jo-Ná is very trustworthy, amazing, very passionate and true. So it is easy to work with her because you always get what you need.

Fulvia Orlando

I’m thinking a little positively and seeing possibilities I didn’t before.

Gata Negrra

I found my assistant, released my album, and even received some press around my project. You’re a true mentor with passion and enthusiasm. Thank you so much

Randy Rhythm

Yes I did! Jo-Ná's no nonsense and funny communication style, put me at ease and helped me to devise a concise strategy to begin elevating my music and web show brand to the next level. I felt very confident and empowered after our session. Very grateful to Jo-Ná for taking the time to help me get clear about what direction I need to go in and for imparting such extensive marketing and networking tips.

Anonymous Musician, London

My career was at a standstill prior to taking the course. I'm now more focused, working with an accountability partner weekly and putting together my product.  I'm looking forward to the journey more than I have before.If you have to rearrange finances and steal away into a room for a few hours to complete an assignment...JUST DO IT!

Anonymous, Musician

I'm working very hard on reminding myself that I need this time to work on moving my career forward. I continue to be very happy that I purchased the course.  As a classical musician, I need to know everything I can about the legal side of things.The deciding factor for me was the potentially different approach-- and I'm happy to say that I thought correctly. I think anyone who is looking for clarity and forward focus in their career would benefit from the course.

Grace Baugh-Bennett

Jo-Na is the real deal! Her no-nonsense, down to earth and authentic approach, really helped me to get clear on how to devise an effective strategy to elevate my brand to the next level. I feel confident and empowered, as a result and look forward to implementing the wealth of knowledge that was imparted to me. Jo-Na rocks!

Anonymous, London

“I struggled with knowing what was needed to transition from "artist trying to make it" to "Being a BOSS." What I've learned during my artist journey is that the business of being an Artist is very unique especially in how it has transformed over the times. I am motivated to be a full time entrepreneur and Artist Empowerment has given me the tools & support I needed to create a financial plan that will help me reach my goals.” 

Lynn Solar, Chicago, IL